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This is How it Works

14 days ago, Dana, Alyssa and myself were sitting in a coffee shop working on Newell Strength when the topic of ‘our next Coach’ came up.

We have a few great candidates lined up, one of which is Donny Gunz, whom some of you have already met.

It was during this very moment, discussing this very topic, that this guy walked by to use the bathroom.

When he came out, he stopped, turned around and asked if we were from a gym. We got to talking and he knew of Newell Strength and was, as luck would have it, a trainer, looking for a new home.

Well, luck has nothing to do with it.

It’s called harmony and serendipity. When you take time to consistently visualize what you want to come into your life, it happens.

The problem is, that most people never take time to intentionally visualize and even if they do, they give up when the thing doesn’t happen instantly.

In tonight's Goal Setting Workshop, I’ll be spending a few minutes on how to visualize in the most effective way possible. You can see if there are any spots remaining for ‘in-person’ below or you can tune in on FB live at 8 PM (it’ll be on my personal page).

P.S.- If you’d like to attend our Newell Strength Goal Setting workshop, it is being held tonight at 8PM at our Hillsborough location. It’s events like these that separate the great players from those that are just happy to be on the team. You can check it out here: www.newellstrength.com/goals22 (Seats are limited, take action NOW).

P.P.S-Many of you have been asking for a kick start program for 2022. Well, here you go, scientifically designed and strategically beginning FEB 1 instead of January 1st to get you results and momentum you need to make this your transformational year. This is FREE for current members, but you still must register. If you aren’t currently a member, then this is quite possibly the best investment you can make for 28 days. You can inquire about one of the 10 spots here: https://www.newellstrength.com/28-day-blitz

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