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Trim Sum Phat: Control This Hormone to Control Your Weight Loss

This is my nephew and one of my God Sons. His real name is Carter, but for these articles, he goes by Trim Sum Phat.

Now that that’s all clear, here we go.

I am still surprised at how many Fake Fitness Experts want to tout the calorie game. It’s all a simple equation if you ask them, because that’s what they learned way back when.

And they even have proof that it worked for a few weeks with a few of their clients.

Then, they turn around and tell you to stay away from carbs. Why?

I thought it was all about calories in versus calories out.

So, what the Fake Fitness Experts are saying is that it’s all about calories, but you also need to be concerned about something known as insulin.

Backtrack a second here.

The idea of controlling the master hormone, Insulin, is spot on. The idea that you need to cut carbs to do it is outright silly.

The concept that the Fake Fitness Experts can’t see how ridiculous it is that they claim it’s all about calories and then in the next sentence, proclaim that you need to cut carbs to control for insulin should make you run far, far away from that supposed expert.

You don’t need a background in this stuff to understand the logic.

When you control for insulin, you control many mechanisms in your body, including energy storage, also known as weight loss.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Insulin signals the body to store. Where it stores will depend on your internal, biochemical and hormonal environment.

You know the best way to optimize that?

Fasting as I teach, strength training and quality sleep.

You can cut calories all day long, but if you are constantly eating, you are constantly spiking insulin and no real weight loss will occur.

If you want this to finally be the year you change and change permanently (we call that a transformation at Newell Strength), then pick up a copy of my book or keep an eye out for the next Panda Challenge.

Think Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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