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What a Wonderful Massage

On February 19th, I got a wonderful massage from my friend Yvonne.

One of the things she was saying and that I see to be true in people all the time is that most people don’t do self care treatment because they say they are ‘too busy’.

That’s just a matter of priorities.

I know as an entrepreneur that my self-care treatments are super important. This year, I set a goal to have 20 self-care treatments, nothing extraordinary, but enough to know that I am deliberately (there’s that word again) planning some rest and relaxation for my mind and body.

And it doesn’t have to even be out and about. It could be as simple as finding a peaceful place to sit, outside in nature, in which you are distraction free. Just activate your senses and BE where you are. Try that for 20 minutes and see how your mind feels afterwards.

Your body is your temple. You can either pay the price of health now, or later. And if it's later, it’s going to be a lot more costly.

(See below for a few life-changing programs that would be the best ROI you’ll ever have made, I guarantee it!).

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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