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What About Your Energy?

14 days ago, I was in an initial consult meeting with some new clients, a boyfriend and girlfriend.

The session was smooth and before you knew it, since I had a block of time open, 90 minutes went by because they had so many great questions about our methods and applications.

We were talking about fasting and the common question, ‘Where am I going to get my energy?’ came up.

Listen, you don’t get energy directly from eating a meal.

Digestion actually is very expensive in terms of energy as far as the digestion process goes.

So when you eat, in the short term, you will see a drop in energy because of digestion and you will feel relaxed, even sleepy sometimes, because of what is going on with your hormones and nervous system.

The majority of your daily energy should be coming from your stored body fat when you do it right.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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