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What’s With Those Glasses?

Back in the early fall, I ordered some shooting glasses and ear protection for my days on the range.

The glasses were a nice yellow tint, kind of like my old skool Blue Blockers, but looking out from them was a totally different experience.

They didn’t block any light, rather, everything was brighter, everything had a yellow hue to it.

It made me feel good.

It wasn’t long before I was wearing them around the house and during my work days. And of course, that meant it wasn’t long before I began to get questions about them.

So, I followed my gut and looked into the science behind what could be going on. Wouldn’t you know it?

There was a whole field dedicated to chromotherapy or color therapy.

Something weird, something different, follow your path.

Remember, we are all weird.

Those that embrace this fact live with more freedom.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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