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When the Nutrition Almanac Fails to Get You Results

Back in the summer of 2003, I bought the Nutrition Almanac.

I had gotten the idea from working with the Rutgers Strength and Conditioning program and JB that summer.

You see, at that time, there were no team nutritionists or anything like that, it was up to Jay and the staff to make sure the guys were eating what they were supposed to eat.

That was also the same summer that I committed to doing my first bodybuilding show the following year.

Fast Forward to the fall and winter of 2003/2004, I recorded every single thing I ate, in my journal. Yes, this meant weighing every single thing out and reading every single package, while cross referencing with my Nutrition Almanac. I knew what foods had not only how many macronutrients, but micronutrients as well.

I still have that journal.

It took a tremendous amount of energy and daily discipline but I learned a heck of a lot.

But something I learned over the years was that measuring, weighing and counting my calories was a fool’s game.

It took up way too much willpower and even more importantly, it didn’t work!

I did so much damage to my metabolism over the proceeding years and slicing calories that I could sustain my weight at 1800 calories per day.

Yup, not lose, but maintain.

And this was when I was about 235 pounds.

But if you followed the calorie equations, I should have been dropping fat by the buckets.


And dare I go back to eating a normal amount of food, I would pile on the fat.

I am sure you have experienced the same type of thing if you have ever done a North American Diet before.

It leaves you feeling hopeless.

Well, that’s how I came to stumble upon fasting and the wild journey its taken me on since 2014.

Weight loss is about hormones, calories are only a very small part of the equation. Calorie intake is a symptom, it is not the problem.

Address the root of the problem (hormones) and you have your solution.

And yes, you can and will address hormones through proper fasting and rest/sleep.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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