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Where Are You Getting Your Physical Energy From?

13 days ago, I went out to grab a beer with a long time friend and former client, Steve, at our local bar and grille, Petrocks.

It wasn’t long before Bonnie, the owner, came over to shoot the breeze and talk some training and business.

A little bit after that, another client, Scott, and friend came in with one of his buddies.

We were talking about all the craziness the past few years and how he was finally getting back into the office a few days per week.

He explained that he loved the freedom of working at home, but he always liked being around his team a few days per week, for the PHYSICAL ENERGY.

Yes, we are social beings. We need to be around others to create energy.

Now, I am a big time introvert and I recharge by being alone, but there’s nothing that gets my juices flowing like a great conversation or Coaching experience.

Find a place or dedicate time to be around other humans that inspire you and that can create energy where none existed before.

Where two minds meet, a 3rd power arises….

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-We are having our first ‘How to Bulletproof Your Shoulders, Elbows and Wrists’ seminar with Steve Parente, Owner of ProCare Physical Therapy, tomorrow, Thursday, March 31st. If upper body joint pain or weakness has been a nag for you, then you are going to want to reserve a seat at this one of a kind talk. You can register for the seminar here: https://www.newellstrength.com/shoulder

P.P.S-Our annual Fat Shredder contest is fast approaching. You’ll have teammates, accountability and a specific 6 week plan, all designed to help you look great and feel great heading into the summer. There’s nothing else out there like it. To inquire about it, you can go to: www.newellstrength.com/shredder

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