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Where Your Attention Goes

Two weeks ago, on our final leg of our road trip, I had planned the weekly Ripped Dads Zoom lesson for later that night.

Luckily, we made it back with 3 hours of buffer time.

Anyhow, that night’s lesson was about goal setting.

One of the dots that I connected (yes, each time I teach a lesson or seminar, I too, make new connections and learn more), was that a key question to constantly ask yourself is, ‘Where is my attention going?’

This is relevant as I told the men because as you set goals and start out on your path towards them, once that initial enthusiasm wears off, it’s easy to beat yourself up and want to look for some magical technique to get you going again.

There isn’t one.

Besides the constant focus of where your attention is being placed.

I can guarantee you that if you are off track, it’s because of your attention. And more than likely, some type of stress has stolen your attention.

Self-awareness of these factors is the real key.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-Our Annual Fat Shredder Contest is BACK! This 6 Week Contest will be underway April 19th. 3 per team, must include 1 Female and 1 nonmember (can be the same person). We will only be accepting the first 20 teams at each location- Email dana@newellstrength.com to reserve your team’s spot!

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