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Your Christmas Star

A couple of months ago, I first started hearing about a BIG event that would be happening tonight.

It’s called the Christmas Star and no, it doesn’t matter if you celebrate Christmas or not (it's called the Christmas star because it happens so close to Christmas).

Anyhow, tonight, if you go out between 6-8PM, you will see Jupiter and Saturn cross in such a way that has not happened in 800 years.

It will be a bright light up in the sky that we are lucky enough to see and witness.

If you follow astrology or look up some stuff, this is supposed to be ushering in some new and interesting energy.

We are fortunate enough to be alive during these times and its up to you what significance you give to the Christmas star.

And the great thing is, as with all things, the meaning you give to the situation is correct and unique to you.

It can be magical, an oddity or just pure luck, makes no difference.

That’s the way everything is, you are creating your reality through the meaning you yourself give to your reality.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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