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Your Ears are Where It's At

Way back in highschool, I first learned about the art of visualization. At the time, I was self-taught, trying to be the best basketball player I could become.

Well, I’ve learned a lot since those days about this practice and it's still something I use every single morning.

One of the things that has been taught to me within the past year was this ‘set-up’ of a powerful light coming around my head and into each ear.

I do this towards the beginning of my practice and at first it seemed odd.

Shouldn’t I be concerned about my eyes if I was going to be visualizing?

Then, upon reflecting, I realized that wisdom comes in through the ears, through listening.

Your ears are uniquely designed to be your bodily governor in many ways. Your eyes can easily deceive you and your eyes make it so your brain can take the easy way out.

When you listen to something, a story or you read to yourself, your brain has to imagine and visualize that which you are hearing.

And, isn’t it funny that your main balance mechanism isn’t located in our eyes (they only account for about 20% of your balance), but rather deep in our ears?

Just some food for thought….

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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