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Your Enemy of the Week: Time Vampires

Back when I was still teaching, in 2011, I remember teaching my young classes about the value of time.

Yes, I was a PE teacher, but I took it upon my duty to teach them about time tested principles of success such as compounding effort and doing what you said you would do (DWYSYWD).

Time, I told them, is the one thing that you can never get back. You can lose a million bucks and make it back. You can lose friends and make new ones. But Father Time, he ceases for no person.

About ten years or so ago I bought two buckets and enough marbles to last me until I was 80 years old. I bought one marble for each week of life, assuming I make it that long.

Each week, I take one from the blue bucket and drop it into the red bucket. Those marbles represent how much time I have left and how much time has passed.

Devon and my mom think it's too morbid, but I disagree. The focus on time makes sure we can get the most out of life. That is why death is such a great teacher, it makes us come to the realization that our time here is indeed, finite.

Let me get this puppy back on track. For you and your goals, be it fitness, weight loss or something else, one of your biggest enemies that you need to look out for is the dreaded Time Vampire.

You know the type, they are all around you. These are nice people, people that you may love intimately, but they don’t value their own time and you can be sure as heck that means they won’t value your time.

They will suck you into a conversation about their daily drama with no regard to the fact that you had a workout you were scheduled to hold yourself to.

They will drop by unannounced (my parents won’t even do this to me, they know my time vampire rules).

They will call you to talk about nothing (a reason I rarely pick up my phone if the call was not scheduled with a specific purpose).

There are many other time ‘mines’ such as social media and email, but that is something I cover in my Time Mastery manual to a great degree.

For now, I just wanted you to be aware of the Time Vampires in your life, whom they are, when they strike and how you can navigate them so they don’t get in the way of your daily disciplines.

Some people think this is too extreme, and for some, it may be.

But the world does not reward average people well, you mind as well be extraordinary and you can only BE that when you are willing to act in ways that are not common to mankind.

Put a stake in the heart of your proverbial Time Vampires and alert them that you are now going to be taking your time a bit more seriously.

-Kyle Newell

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