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Your Greatness

A couple of Fridays ago, my parents took the kids for an overnight trip which meant Devon and I planned a nice night out.

It began with car shopping for her, since her car has been on its last leg for a while.

We went over to see our friend and NS client, Andrew, who did a fantastic job. He’s a true pro at what he does. And, as being natural for me, I was more interested in the sales process and the business systems that they use over at his dealership.

It wasn’t long before I asked him about the greatest salesman the world has ever known, Og Mandino. Devon probably thought we were nuts, talking about this guy that 99.9% of people have never heard of, but to us, he is a legend.

Anyhow, on our way out, Andrew gave us a quick tour of the building and I happened to notice a sign on one of the desks that read something to the effect: ‘Greatness isn’t random. Greatness takes discipline and deliberate action.

So true. Deliberate action and discipline.

Greatness isn’t random. Results in life are not random. You reap what you sow.

If your results aren’t what you want them to be, I’d have to ask you, ‘What do your daily actions look like?’

Something for you to think about.

If you want greatness with your health and wellness, it takes disciplined, deliberate action (see below for some special opportunities).

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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