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Your Pursuit of Happiness

Two weekends ago, while we were on our road trip, Niki, our do-it all, secret weapon, sent us a video of Colty scoring a goal.

And not only did he score one goal, he scored two!

A big transformation when we started our season 5 weeks ago.

In the video, he kept pushing the ball ahead, and with kids that age, they tend to get all jumbled up, and for a minute, I thought he had lost the ball.

Then, he emerged, continuing to dribble the ball ahead, all the way down the field until he kicked it into the goal.

I couldn’t believe it!

Life is about growth, advancing your skill sets and mind sets.

Happiness doesn’t mean you are always smiling and happy go lucky.

Happiness is growth. Growth is happiness.

Growth happens from pursuit.

Be Unconventional-Kyle Newell

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