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Your Weekly Mind Map Article: Let Go of the Rope

Last weekend, I got scammed.

Yes, I admit it. And if you’ve ever been scammed, you know it can leave you feeling a little off and angry.

The details don’t matter as much as the response (it was through PSEG and Zelle FYI).

Looking back on the situation, it seemed so stupid, how could I have fallen into that trap?

And then I caught myself.

All I have been working on with myself lately as far as energy paths and having a forgiving heart.

This was a lesson handed up to me on a silver platter. It was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

Yes, we were out a couple of hundred bucks and I could have been sucked into thinking about all the bad in the world and this and that, which would only lead to more unfortunate external events.

Or, I could do as I did when I caught myself and journaled about the next morning: ‘What’s great about this?’

And this list was long. I have at least 5 things that are invaluable as far as the experience.

So, I asked myself, wouldn’t I invest a couple of hundred dollars in a course that helped me learn these lessons?

The answer was an emphatic YES! In fact, I would have spent a couple thousand dollars to come away with the lessons I did.

The thing I want to impart to you though is the concept of letting go of the rope.

It is my main go-to visual for the mind.

It goes like this.

Picture yourself pulling on one end of a rope.

Now, to create tension, there needs to be someone or something holding onto the other end.

Be it a person or an event, all you have to do to release that bad energy is to let go of your end of the rope.

It is a choice, a choice you can make at any moment.

At first, this will be hard to do, because your normal thought pattern is a deeply ingrained pattern.

But give it a try.

It can change your life in an instant.

-Kyle Newell

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