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Yup, He Said ‘It’

Two weeks ago, I was at a morning workshop.

And during one of the breaks, a fellow at my table decides to weigh in on fitness (once people find out what we do at Newell Strength, I hear all types of input and advice).

This guy was in his early 60’s and claiming about how great of shape he used to be in and how he could eat anything and just work it off.

Yet, he was telling me this as he was saying that he no longer worked out and WHILE HE WAS STUFFING COOKIES IN HIS MOUTH!

Listen, Coaching is about support, but it’s also about being a mirror to the student.

We are all adults here and we need to eat like adults. No one likes a cheat day more than me, but if I ate like an unsupervised kid all day long, week after week, cookie after cookie, potato chip after potato chip, the results are going to be exactly what you would expect they should be.

And no, you can not outwork a poor diet. In fact, exercise does little in and of itself to drop the weight, its when it is conjunction with the proper nutrition that the magic happens.

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