The 14-Day Shock Program

Many of you have been asking, so we created it...
A high-level, accountability program designed to kick start further progress....
If you've been struggling:
  • To get back on track after the holidays
  • To get those next 3-5 pounds to finally leave
  • To hold yourself to a high level of accountability
  • With 'motivation'
Then this program is for you.  Here's what it includes:
  1. A private FB group for high level, daily accountability
  2. Three In-Body Check-ins over the span of 2 weeks
  3. An eating out guide for local restaurants
  4. 3 Group sessions (2 with Dana about nutrition and habits and one with Kyle about Mind Map)
  5. A specific diet with exact amounts to eat
  6. Special 'conditioning' protocols that'll be 10 minutes (don't let that fool you) for right after your main workout
  7. On-going maintenance with the FB group and accountability group after the two weeks is up (if you want to continue to have 1-1 sessions with Dana afterwards you will have a special rate)
We are taking up to 15 current members and the price is just $99!
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