What If Everything You Thought You Knew About Fitness and Nutrition was Wrong?

There are so many fake experts and gurus out there that you almost need a PhD to figure out what is true.  And I'll tell you this, 99% of what you think is true regarding your health and fitness is absolutely wrong!

Lucky for you, we've spent thousands upon thousands of hours learning what is really true while coming to know what doesn't work.  And this knowledge, when used properly, will save you tons of time and save you even more in terms of aggravation and frustration. 

What You Will Be Learning About in this 58:33 Seminar:

  1. Why small, frequent meals DOES NOT speed your metabolism.

  2. Why judging your workouts effectiveness by how sore you are is a huge mistake!

  3. Discover why 'cardio' for fat loss is the biggest lie ever told in the fitness industry.

  4. Why 'You should avoid eating before bed' goes directly counter to the way your body is built to function.

  5. How to train the core safely and effectively without doing crunches or sit-ups.

When: Friday, March 2nd @7:30 PM

Where: Newell Strength

We will have 35 seats available for this seminar.  This information is priceless!  You don't have to be a member to attend, anyone who is interested is welcome to register for a free ticket at the link below.  

*There will be a BYOB social following if you'd like to stay and hang for a bit.  

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