The Muscle Camp 

Begins August 29th !!!


Designed specifically to help adults gain muscle, energy, and confidence by working closely with Kyle Newell

The Muscle Camp is a high level program with the singular purpose of helping you put on between 5-6 pounds of muscle within 6 weeks. 

You are to hold yourself accountable to following the protocol outside of the gym.

There will be a big commitment to sleep.  If you aren’t willing to do this, you will not be allowed into the program.

There will be 2 bodybuilding/hypertrophy Coaching sessions each week.

In addition, you will be provided with 1 workout that you can come and do on your own or you may participate in our small group training.

Nutrition and eating will be guided individually for you.  It will involve some fasting.

You will have weekly body composition check ins. 


The Muscle Camp Includes:

2 Sessions With Kyle Every Week For 6 Weeks ($699 Value) 

A Custom Nutrition Plan For Muscle Growth ($47 Value) 

Weekly Accountability Checkins ($197 Value)

Weekly Weigh Ins On The Inbody ($97)

The Secret Muscle Builder Supplement Bundle ($127 Value) 

FREE Newell Strength T-Shirt ($37 Value)

Access To Kyle's Testosterone Secrets 

24/7 Access Kyle and All Participants via The Muscle Camp Private FB Group 

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